We are a Water Rescue/Dive Team located in Boyertown, PA. Our members are PA Fish & Boat Commission Water Rescue Technician’s, as well as certified instructors for PAF&BC along with¬† Public Safety Divers. certified by various agencies and highly train ERDI underwater crime scene investigation evidence recovery and crime scene mapping¬† for recreation at any future request for documentation and or relocating the original location of a event –

We provide 24 hours a day 365 days a year on standby for all emergency requirements to the berks county and surrounding areas dispatched as 16 from any 911 call or direct run card requirements needed to all and any law enforcement , fire departments or any other state, government or local municipalities in need of our services also on-call and dispatched as Berks county water rescue task-force zone 5 & 6 combined by several other fire departments in surrounding area for any and all water related incidents.

We further provide non-emergency services to the community as back up safety team for events with a water safety issue as well as traveling for demonstration and water safety educators for small and large events private or public.


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